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  • From talent to world player

    We develop Talents and get players ready for the challenge.

    Apart from providing consultancy services, we offer professional assesment of players and their potentials. This will help in decisions of whether the player is efficient to make it or profer advice on player development.

    We understand that most of the decisions to be made by our players towards their professional careers require a legal advice of some sort, we are connected with reputable Law Chambers and firms accross the globe. Nevertheless, we have a legally qualified personnel so that the aspect of Legal service can conspicuously reflect in the services we render.

  • Worldwide network

    MSML has a Global Network of Clubs and Strategic Partners in many competitions.

    We are a licensed Football Agency, we are highly connected with clubs around the world especially in Africa, Europe, the United States, Asia and most of the Latin America countries.

    Because of our extensive contacts and knowledge of the game, from time to time we have contracts with clubs in transfer deals. We negotiate mandates with clubs and get them good players and ensure they get value from the deal.

    We guarantee peace of mind concluding transactions without constraints of modern transfer windows.

  • Career planning

    We help in planning a career for our players which is one of our fundamental vision.

    We acknowledge that the career of a player is hinge on the clubs they are contracted to and the ststutory agreement made in contract terms.

    Transfers from one club to another is inevitable that is why our professional connections is efficient to cater for the successful transfer of players and settle as quickly as possible in their new territory.

    It is our objective to help our players achieve the best at any level and at all time.

  • Contract guidance

    We construct fair for our players with our experience and expertice, taking all legal risks into account.

    We try to keep our Representation Contracts as straightforward and easy to read as possible. In every single negotiation we have one simple aim – to get the best possible deal for our players.

    We are efficient and conversant with all FA regulations. Therefore, we negotiate and execute contractual transactions and agreements with professionalism.

    We ensure all necessary rules and regulations governing our activities are properly taken care of.

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